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Champions of the Universe

by Ratboy Jr.

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Bill 02:57
Upside Down 03:32
Little Dude 02:49
Sailing 03:04
Breakfast 02:33
E's Lullaby 02:29


From Timmy Sutton:- Vocals, guitars, electric, slide whistle, percussion, bass, etc.

Most of the 15 songs were recorded at No Parking Studio in Rosendale, New York and co-produced by Dog On Fleas band leader Dean Jones. I am so proud of this album! I feel like you can hear how much fun we had recording it. These 15 songs are written for families to enjoy. I recently listened to the whole thing on a trip to Philly and it was then I realized we accomplished our mission. This is our Dark Side of the Moon! An album that can be played all the way through. An album that takes you on a journey. An album that inspires kids to use their imagination and to run in the woods. An album that reminds adults to run faster than their kids in the woods. To race to the top of the hill and then stare at the clouds, but then the dad has to run back down and into the house to grab the boom box, because they want to listen to our new album again…on top of the hill. So what’s this album all about?…Hmmmm

1. Bill- This is a story about a rock that slides up a hill. Usually, you only hear about rock slides going down the hill…well not this rock. Bill is different.

2. High 5 Your Shadow- One day, Timmy saw his son high five his own shadow on a door. We thought, hey why don’t we try it and well it just took off!

3. How to Eat a Cloud- It’s a song about eating clouds. Enough said.

4. Upside Down- Have you ever sat on a chair with your feet in the air? Well, you should. This song wonders out loud what it would be like if the whole world was upside down.

5. Champion of the Universe- This is a story about a boy who wants to be a Mexican wrestler, but his head is too big for a mask. That is, until he finds the right one.

6. Pretend Your Hand's a Puppet – This song will help you learn how to use your hand like a puppet and it will also teach you how to sing like Chewbacca. It’s got it all.

7. Where Do Monsters Go? Where do monsters go when it's not Halloween? We did some research and now we know where they go. Soon, you will know too.

8. Little Dude – This one is a song written for Timmy’s son. It’s all about the places he can go and things he can be when he grows up. I wonder when we will grow up?

9. Guitar Pickin' Chicken- It’s an epic tale about a chicken who sings and plays guitar. What else is there?

10. Sailing- This is part two of “The Log” from our first record. It features the rabbit from that song on a whole new adventure. We rhymed a word with octopus in this song…yup we did

11. Space Kid and Banana- This song was inspired by the costumes that Timmy and Matty wore at Timmy’s wedding. We will explain later. What it’s about is the adventures of Space Kid and Banana and their quest to rid the universe of garbage.

12. Who Needs A Toy?- You don’t really need to buy a toy when you have things like sticks, cardboard boxes, etc.

13. Breakfast- Breakfast is our favorite meal and this song is all about that. Yes, a song about our favorite meal, which is…yup, breakfast

14. Backyard Camping (w/ Dog On Fleas)

From Dean Jones: Bass, keyboards, vocals, trombone, producer, etc.

Doing the Backyard Camping Song was tremendously fun, Dog on Fleas and Ratboy Jr. together at last. I think we played variations of that song for a couple of hours, and improvised a lot of ridiculous words and things. The final product includes pieces from 2 different takes and is vastly shorter than what we really played. We were really laughing too much at our own jokes to keep most of it in. The parts that are left are hopefully mildly funny to others, while still bringing the band members to tears remembering our other jokes.

15. E's Lullaby- A simple lullaby written for Timmy’s son, Elliott. He now sings the song himself and it’s so dang cute!

From Matty Senzatimore: - Drums, vocals, keys, bass, guitar, piano, glockenspiel, percussion, etc.

Recording Champions Of The Universe was a lot of hard work, but also a ton of fun. It's not easy for 3 guys to stand around making chicken sounds and not start laughing. If laughter is the best medicine, we will never get sick again.

I am very happy we were able to use a wide variety of instruments on the record. From trombones to tambourines to guitars to glockenspiels, this album has it all.

We have grown a lot in the 2 years since our first album and I am very proud of how far we have come. As a musician, you always strive for each record to be better than the last and I feel like we accomplished that with Champions Of The Universe.

More From Dean Jones:
Overall it was a truly creative and wild time. It was great bouncing ideas off each other, and of course, making chicken sounds and singing some of the more outlandish vocal parts altogether. A nice bonus for me was getting reunited with Shane Kirsch, who I've played with in numerous bands and situations. Together we make up the "Talcum Powder Horns".


released December 11, 2012

Ratboy Jr. is:
Timmy Sutton - Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide whistle, percussion, bass, etc.
Matty Senzatimore - Drums, vocals, keys, bass, guitar, piano, glockenspiel, percussion, etc.

Guest musicians:
Dean Jones - Bass on tracks 3,4, and 5. Keys on tracks 1,3, 8,9,12, and
15. Backing vocals on tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,9,and 12. Trombone
on track 10 and 12.
Cat Woods - Vocals on tracks 8 and 15.
Elliott Sutton - Vocals on tracks 8 and 15.
Jason Sarubbi - Bass on tracks 1,6,8, and 9.
Jason Brunka - Bass on track 14.
Geoff Gersh - Electric and slide guitars on track 1.
Shane Kirsch - Saxophone on tracks 10 and 12.
Mike Tuttle - Programming on track 14. Beeps and Boops on track 11.
Backing vocals on tracks 7 and 10.
Matthew Essery - Trumpet and backing vocals on track 5.
Rick Birmingham - Violin on track 5.
Lila Rain and Dr. Dan - “That’s Me!” and The Eagle on track 10.
Jason Greenspan - Announcer on track 14.

1. Bill - Lyrics and Music by Timmy
2. High 5 Your Shadow - Lyrics and Music by Timmy
3. How To Eat A Cloud - Music by Timmy and Matty; Lyrics by Timmy; Additional lyrics by Matty
4. Upside Down- Music by Matty; Lyrics by Matty and Timmy
5. Champion of the Universe - Music by Matty and Dean Jones; Lyrics by Timmy
6. Pretend Your Hand's a Puppet - Music by Timmy; Lyrics by Timmy, Matty, and Ryan Sullivan
7. Where Do Monsters Go? - Music and lyrics by Timmy; additional lyrics by Matty and Mike Tuttle
8. Little Dude – Music by Timmy; Lyrics by Timmy and Cat Sutton
9. Guitar Pickin' Chicken - Music by Timmy; Lyrics by Timmy and Matty
10. Sailing - Lyrics and Music by Timmy
11. Space Kid and Banana - Lyrics and Music by Matty
12. Who needs a toy?- Music by Timmy and Matty; Lyrics by Timmy
13. Backyard Camping – Lyrics and Music by Ratboy Jr. and Dog on Fleas
Chris Cullo- Drums
John Hughes - Vocals and bass
Dean Jones - Vocals and keyboards
Timmy - Vocals and Guitar
Matty – Vocals and piano
14.Breakfast – Music by Timmy and Matty; Lyrics by Matty; Additional lyrics by Timmy
15. E's Lullaby - Lyrics and Music by Timmy

All tracks produced by Dean Jones and Ratboy Jr. and recorded and mixed at No Parking Studios in Rosendale NY by Dean Jones. More info at: dogonfleas@msn.com or facebook.com/noparkingstudio

Except tracks 7,10,11, and 14 produced by Mike Tuttle and Ratboy Jr. and recorded at Tuttle Sound Labs by Mike Tuttle. More info at: tuttle@tuttlesoundlabs.com

Cover art by Ryan E. Cronin. More info: cronartusa.com
Cover Art Photo by Dave Wagner. more info at AriusPhoto.com
Cover Art edited by Tim Sutton at Wicker Monkey Studios
CD Design and layout by Ryan Sullivan
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music

WORD UP!! To all of our families, friends, fellow musicians and bands who have supported us over the years. Thank you!

Big love to Dean Jones, his creativity and guidance has helped us reach new levels. As always without Mike Tuttle and Kidtopia there wouldn’t be a Ratboy Jr. Thanks for everything brutha! Big ups to Ryan Sullivan, in some ways he is a 3rd member, but its really his beard, thanks for everything Ryan and your beard. Thanks so much to the Cronins, we are so grateful to have Ryans art on our cover!. Squeezy hugs to Cat and Elliott Sutton, you help make the world brighter and better, and we love when you come on our road trip gigs! The fun is just getting started. Not enough love in the world for you two.

More love and thank yous to The Senzatimore , Grieco, Sutton and Refregier families, Gary, Gattine, and WDST, Rick and WKZE, The Sweet Clementines, Dog on Fleas, The Flannery Brothers, Uncle Rock, Bill Childs and Spare the Rock, Jeff and OWTK, Stefan and Zooglobble, Gwyneth and GBK, Matthew and Nugget Island, Jeff and Dadnabbit, Dave and The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl, Amberly and Ages 3 and up, The Little Gym in Kingston, Mother Nurture Day Care, The Woodstock Day School, The Media Arts Crew at WDS, WDS Summer Adventure Camp, Radio Woodstock and the Mountain Jam, Georgina Aragon and Fam, Wendy Woo and Fam, Voo Doo Wop, Dr. Dan, Carrie Wykoff and the Rosendale Street Festival, The Chronogram, The Daily Freeman, John Barry and the Poughkeepsie Journal, Champtone Studios, Joy Reed and Oh My Productions, Dave Wagner and Samantha June, Jason Greenspan, The O+ Festival, Cue BBQ, Water St. Market, Top of the Park Fest, Teressa DelCampo, Brian, Linda, and Ruby, kindiefest, and special thanks to all the musicians who played on this record Dean, Mike, Jason, Matthew, Rick, Jason, Cat, Shane, Geoff, Chris, and John.

To all the kiddies (big and small) who come out help us have the best time in the world! You are the reason, we do what we do! When you get older you don’t have to stop listening to us. Always keep your imagination and creativity…You might have to grow old, but you don’t have to grow up!


copyright @ 2012 not your Daddy's Records


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Ratboy Jr. New Paltz, New York

“Hamster Pants from Ratboy Jr. is rocking silly fun that solidifies the band's’ place among the best kindie songwriters today.”

Kids Corner /WXPN

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